Special Information

This page is dedicated to various information regarding the ride and other relevant items.

OGBA Ride Information

NOTE! No Unauthorized Vendors Permitted at Registration, Ride Staging Areas, or VA Grounds. Strictly enforced!

This is required info on how to behave and operate during the ride.

  • In the staging area: Please support the Boy Scouts by purchasing waters and sodas
  • Maintain staggered riding formation
  • 4 second distance between you and the rider ahead
  • Merge onto 1-81 left lane as soon and safely as you can
  • After crossing into WV on 1-81 watch bikes in front of you for a merge to right lane at appropriate time
  • Exit 1-81 at WV Exit #8 – Tabler Station Road
  • Watch for merging traffic, we share the road with other vehicles on this ride!
  • Please be courteous to all motor vehicles